We make games that we want to play.

There's no market research, no focus group testing, to figure out what we want to make. We just have a passion for games, and we want to share our games with the world!

Since we like our own games, there's no reason for us to shove them out the door as quickly as possible - why would we make a sub-par game for ourselves?

The bottom line is this: we love our games, and we hope you will too!


Graphics programming is my passion! I love writing code, and making games is my dream job... so at some point I figured: why not make my own dream job, where I can work with my friends?

And thus Cat-In-A-Box Games was born. :)

Our entire team comprises graduates from the University of Waterloo. We all got our bachelor's degrees and headed out into the real world as of 2007, and we've been reaching for the sky ever since! In addition to Victor and Henry, other grads from our program have helped out periodically:

Tyler Hause once graciously provided space for us to work together at his house, and has helped more than once with our various brainstorming sessions.

Sinan Baltacioglu composed the music for Blue Attack, and without his teachings I would not have had the 1337 Garage Band skills I needed to compose the music for Blue Defense myself!

So thank you, guys - for helping me make my dream job much more than just a dream!


I hope John knows what he's doing when he invited someone with a perfectionist complex (almost to an irritating degree) to work with him. =P

If it has anything to do with transferring my thoughts into my working hands, then I will learn how to do it! I volunteered to handle the roles of Webmaster, artist, designer, toolsmith, programmer, and accountant. Some roles are more fun than others.


I apologise for what I'm about to do to your ears.


I also graduated with John, Henry, and Victor and have enjoyed watching their dreams come to life! In 2021, I thought, "Why are there no Android versions of these apps?" They couldn't think of a good reason, so now I am working on bringing these awesome games to a whole new platform!