Privacy Policy

Cat in a Box Software Incorporated

Covered Apps

All of our apps fall under this company-wide privacy policy, including Fastar!, Blue Defense, Blue Attack, Blue Defense: Second Wave, Red Conquest, and Instant Sign.

Personal info

Some of our apps associate metadata with high scores submitted to Game Center, but only if Game Center or Google Play Games is enabled and the user elects to share their score online. Often, a user-entered three-letter arcade-style identifier (separate from Game Center or Google Play Games name/id) is part of that information. Some apps store game state on the user's Google Drive accessed by Google Play Games Services for the purpose of supporting play across devices. No personal information other than the above mentioned three-letter identifier is stored.

How we use your info

High score metadata will be displayed in-app when viewing high score lists. Any personal information manually entered into those fields and optionally submitted with an online score will be visible to anyone else in the app who can see a submitted score. Any game state data stored in Google Drive may be used to restore game state on another device associated with the user's Google Play account.

When we share your info

We do not share your information with any corporate third parties. Your personal information will only be visible in limited ways inside our apps when viewing high score lists.

Where your info lives

Your information is stored in Game Center and iCloud on iOS and in Google Drive via Google Play Games Services on Android.

How long we keep your info

On Android, if you delete your Play Games data for our apps, we do not retain any data. On iOS, if you delete your high scores data, we retain the metadata indefinitely, but there is no personally identifiable information in it.


For any information, or further advice on how to manage your personal data, feel free to email us.